12 x 12 Grid Speck Test

We arranged 144 Specks in a 12 x 12 grid (see photos) to test how particles flow through the room. The Specks recorded samples once per second. The colored cells on the grid represent the values recorded. We also took periodic readings in the corners of the grid with a Hach MET ONE HHPC-6 particle counter--those readings are represented in the four corner cells labeled C1, C2, C3, and C4.

Click on a cell to show/hide the plot for that location. You may select up to nine at a time to compare. Click on the date range to jump to a particular time. Drag the red triangular cursor on the date range to animate the values, or click on the Play button below. You can scroll on the date axis or y-axes to zoom the plots. The grey bars on the plot below the date axis show the start and end times of the test events.

During the vacuum test, we vacuumed the floor at the front of the room in the area between cells C3 and C4. For the candle test, the 12 tealight candles were located in the center of the room between Speck 146 and Speck 126.

Particle Count Range
Min: 0 Max:

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